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Rajeeb and Nadia Samdani’s first love is South Asian art, but their home is filled with works from all over the world
Among the 860,000 people who attended the 2012 edition of Documenta – the vast 100-day exhibition held every five years in Kassel, Germany – were a couple of young Bangladeshi collectors, Rajeeb and Nadia Samdani. Their attention was caught, in particular, by Ceal Floyer’s installation ’Til I get it right, a bare white room furnished only with a pair of speakers playing an edited loop of Tammy Wynette singing the phrase ‘I’ll just keep on ’til I get it right’ from her song of the same name. ‘Both of us loved the piece,’ says Nadia, who was drawn to the work’s minimalism and its theme of striving for perfection, and also by the fact that Floyer, British by nationality and resident in Berlin, was born in Karachi, Pakistan. The Samdanis’ tastes are eclectic – ‘We have art from the 1930s to 2015, by artists from all over the world, from Brazil to Bangladesh,’ says Rajeeb – but their particular interest is art with a South Asian connection. The region’s art scene is burgeoning, specifically the one in Dhaka, where they live. Yet although the city is home to 14.4 million people, it has, says Rajeeb, ‘no dedicated contemporary art museum