Samdani Art Foundation upped their ante yet again by introducing Samdani Seminars, which fetched established names in arts from around the world to the fledgling turf of the Dhaka scene to help the young artists of this terrain to taste what is trending globally. The theme of the seminars was the endemic 'body' question, where body is the vehicle for examining one's on going negotiation with his/her spatiotemporal habitat. The trending concept of traversing across genres/disciples which is verily preconditioned upon involving experts from a diversity of fields was also extensively explored, with Diana Campbell Betancourt, curator, Artistic Director of Samdani Art Foundation as the flagbearer of this propitious project. The limelight was turned predominantly upon performance art in all likelihood for its capacity to encompass multiple approaches to art in order to turn it into a 'salad bowl' of creative efforts.