Mumbai Mirror

WE are so excited to announce the very elegant Monika Correa, wife of the late legendary architect, Charles Correa, and a textile artist in her own right, will be showing her work at the third edition of the Dhaka Art Summit. The summit is hosting its first ever historical section advised by curator Diana Campbell Betancourt, Amara Antilla from the Guggenheim, Beth Citron from the Rubin Museum, and Sabih Ahmed from the Asia Art Archive. Art patron and gallerist Amrita Jhaveri is the major benefactor of this section that is coming together beautifully thanks to loans from the Pakistan High Commission, the National Collection of Bangladesh, private collections, and generous artists and their estates and galleries. On the cards is a showcase of Correa's work with the tapestries of Rashid Choudhury, an incredible Bangladeshi artist whose work is found in the Louis Kahn building. Both Correa, who was introduced to weaving in 1962 by the distinguished American weaver Marianne Strengell of the Cranbrook Academy, Michigan, and Choudhury share a similar relationship to abstraction, weaving, and their sense of space and making tapestries around the same time from the 1960s.