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The word “nascent” might have been coined for Dhaka’s art market. The capital of Bangladesh is on virtually no one’s radar as a place to buy art. Local collectors pay a hefty 120% tax on art imports, the handful of local galleries in the country have no international profile, and only a few Bangladeshi artists are known to the outside world. Only the Bengal Art Lounge, part of a non-profit foundation, exhibits outside the country, at the India Art Fair. Even so, at the Dhaka Art Summit, which pulled in 138,000 visitors between 5 and 8 February, the attendees included no fewer than four Christie’s staffers, including the auction house’s international director of Asian art, Amin Jaffer. Also present were a number of art dealers with artists on show, among them Ursula Krinzinger, Adam Sheffer of Cheim & Read, Andrzej Przywara of Warsaw’s Foksal and Leila Heller.