Supplementary Programmes and Workshops


Asia Art Archive

In its ongoing effort to map and present the many histories of 20th century art writing in different languages of South Asia, Asia Art Archive will present its first Live Feed Station at DAS 2016. The Live Feed Station will be an on-site junction for viewing an array of some of the most interesting publications, art magazines, books and catalogues that have been published in the past century, and also an opportunity for visitors to explore the database and bring their own references to contribute to this expanding platform of shared knowledge. The Live Feed Station is part of Asia Art Archive’s ongoing Bibliography of Modern and Contemporary Art Writing project and is hosted by the Samdani Art Foundation at the Dhaka Art Summit.



VAST Bhutan

VAST Bhutan will stage a children's workshop across the 4 days of the summit, working together with the youth of Dhaka to make an immersive installation from local waste products. These creative workshops will engage a new generation with the important topic of Climate Change, connecting it specifically to aquatic life and fish, a dietary staple that is central to Bengali identity. The workshops will happen from 10:00 am - 9:00 pm from February 5-8, 2016.


Safina Radio Project

Safina Radio Projects are itinerant online broadcasting platforms, each edition acting as a roving stage for conversation and performance, working alongside contemporary art events.

The project adopts radio as a format for exploring subjects and concepts that relate to the aesthetic, social, cultural and political. The project space is one for binding different realities and experiences – with participants and listeners prompted by the site, context and its curatorial pretexts. Content varies with each iteration, combining travelogues (conversations), performative pieces and audio projects aimed at interrogating artistic practices, building on a spectrum of artists whose work draws from a variety of social and political contexts. Through a multiplicity of access points, Safina Radio Projects intend to broaden conversations and widen interactions, from playful through to more critical discourse.

Safina in Arabic means vessel or ship, with literary roots in reference to Noah’s Ark (سفينة نوح, Safina Nuh). Safina is also a manuscript, a special form of book with an elongated cover – when the book is opened, it resembles a long vessel. In Persian, ‘safineh’ is a synonym for jong which means a collection of essays or poems.

The first edition of Safina Radio Project took place during the opening of the 56th Venice Biennale. The second edition will take place in partnership with the Dhaka Art Summit – Safina Radio Project is the official broadcasting platform for the Dhaka Art Summit 2016.

Director, Anabelle de Gersigny
Commissioned by Alserkal Avenue
Founding partners: Anabelle de Gersigny and Alserkal Avenue